The Eden Cafe serves fresh and tasty vegetarian fare. All our food is made on the premises from the freshest local ingredients. The menu is inspired by cuisines from around the globe, but utilises Indonesian protein sources such as young jackfruit, tempe and tofu in ways you may not have experienced before.

We believe that eating food that’s grown locally is a great way to lower our carbon footprint while also supporting the local economy. Whenever possible we serve food that was grown in Lombok. All of our salads and bowls are full of fresh micro-greens from Lombok farms, eggs are from our very own chickens, ensuring you get the freshest possible, and many of the herbs are grown right here at Eden Cottages. In addition, several times a year, our coconut palms provide us with a bountiful harvest of sweet, young and nutritious coconuts. 

We have a full bar, using only imported spirits, and have worked hard to create some amazingly refreshing and tropical cocktails. Every tropical holiday deserves a pina colada, no? Beer and wine is also available. 

We hope you will enjoy our food and cocktails during your stay.

Cafe hours 1130 -1700