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29 May

Is your Sunscreen Killing the Coral Reef? Yes.

Snorkeling and swimming in warm tropical waters is the highlight of any holiday. But did you know your sunscreen is partially responsible for killing the very thing you come to see?

Scientific research has determined that the active ingredient in most sunscreens, oxybenzone, even in small amounts, can result in damaged and dead coral. Not only does the chemical kill coral, it also causes early DNA damage that stunts the growth of the organisms living in it.
And dead and damaged coral reefs means no more fish, turtles or other marine life such as octopus & eels to marvel at while swimming and snorkeling!

Eden Cottages loves our oceans and all the creatures that inhabit it, so please be a responsible consumer and purchase sunscreen without oxybenzene prior to your visit. Oxybenzone-free sunscreen is nearly impossible to find in Indonesia.


Both Alba Botanicals and Badger make very good sunscreen without Oxybenzone.

Check out this informative article  for more information on oxybenzone and coral reef damage

Lets work together to ensure the Gili Islands have robust and healthy coral reefs for generations.

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