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5 Sep

The Eden Family is Getting Bigger

chicken eden

I’ve always wanted chickens. I love the fresh eggs they provide and having chickens will always bring back lovely memories of spending time on my grandparents farm. I’ve always been a believer in farm to table eating and it’s one of the things I miss most about life in the Willamette Valley, well that, and pinot noir.
The compost bin has helped our soil so we now are growing tomatoes, peppers, basil, Thai basil, cucumbers and squash. I made my first green papaya salad from our own papaya trees and the mango tree is getting so tall! We hope to have mangos in the next year or two.
The compost bin has also helped reduce our rubbish production. Our sweet little island is drowning in rubbish so by composting, not using plastic bags, banning plastic straws and sorting our plastic and tin Eden Cottages is contributing to a more sustainable future. The staff were late adopters but have really embraced sustainable thinking and will hopefully will carry those practices back to their villages in Lombok.

The eggs that you buy here on the island are a sorry bunch: fragile shells, watery whites and pale yolks. The chickens that produce those eggs are malnourished and treated as badly as one would expect a chicken to be in an Indonesian egg factory.Its been a long time coming, from idea to implementation, but the chooks and their cozy house (thanks to the amazing carpentry skills of one of our own staff, Gimo) are finally here.

Now Eden guests will have farm fresh eggs in their complimentary breakfasts.

There are 7 ladies: Posh, Scary, Ginger, Baby, Sporty, Margaret Thatcher and Queen Margaret.

So, welcome to Eden, ladies, may you live long and produce many eggs!

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